Sample using the Google data JavaScript client library

This sample demonstrates displaying a list of upcoming calendar events from a Google Calendar on a web page using the Google data JavaScript client library.

The list of events below is retrieved using the Google data JavaScript client library from the Google Developers Event Calendar.

You can change the feed address to retrieve the events from any public calendar. The feed address is either your e-mail address (for your primary calendar) or a special address for secondary calendars. This address can be found by following the instructions on the Calendar Help Center. Your calendar must be shared with the world.

An example calendar feed is:<calendar address>/public/full

Retrieve a calendar by calendar address:

Preview Events:


Copy and Paste to your site:

You can copy and paste the following where you want the list of calendar events to appear. Do not place it within the <head> ... </head> section of your page unless you plan on relocating the <div id="calendarTitle">...</div> and <div id="events">...</div> element out of this chunk of code.